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Gaming chair Full-time Job

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As you can imagine, PU Leather is like real leather, but it isn’t exactly the same. This is a manufactured leather product that is constructed out of split leather.

This kind of leather is made out of the part of the animal hide that remains after making high quality leather, such as top grain or full grain leather. Because of this, the material is much cheaper and isn’t quite as good as real leather, but it’s certainly not bad.

Once the split leather has been removed, it is then covered in polyurethane and it’s applied to the surface of the piece of furniture, the gaming chair in this case.

The chair will have a gossy finish that looks a little vintage, but not really realistic. A lot of vintage furniture like diner booths were made out of PU leather!

PU Leather PC Gaming Chair Characteristics

Okay, so what are the key things you need to know about PU Leather? Well, firstly – the look. A lot of people like the look of leather and while it isn’t necessarily an enitrely authentic look, it still does look mostly like leather but it’s much cheaper.


One of the biggest problems with PU Leather gaming chairs is that they can have the unwanted side effect of making you sweat a little more than usual – this is generally the main reason why a lot of people prefer not to use these chairs.

The material isn’t particularly breathable so a lot of gamers can get pretty sweaty when they are gaming in the summer, which isn’t the most comfortable thing. After a while you may get up to see that your seat is utterly drenched – not good!

With that being said, it really does depend on just how much you sweat. Not everyone sweats a lot, so this may not bother you.

Learn more about the differences in office furniture leather.

As we have already established, PU Leather is synthetic. Because of this, it can also be dyed easily, which means you can select a bunch of different colors for the chair (even a pink or purple gaming chair, for example).

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the leather degrading because the manufacturer still uses polyurethane to coat it. If you want to pay a little more money certain companies even allow you to have custom designs, made by professional artists!

Fabric Gaming Chairs

Fabric is a bit of a loose term that is used to describe a bunch of different materials. Semantics aside though, fabric chairs are generally made out of a combination of cotton, linen, polyester and/or mesh. This fabric is a little rougher than PU leather but it’s not painful to touch. It’s also a lot more durable.


The key selling point of fabric gaming chairs, as opposed to PU Leather gaming chairs, is that you don’t need to worry about the sweating problem that you get with PU leather gaming chairs. You don’t need to worry about leaving a sweaty mess behind on your gaming chair as it’s designed to be breathable. One downside, however, is that it can mess up a little if you do sweat a lot, but this isn’t much of an issue if you don’t sweat a lot.


Stains are a bit more of an issue with fabric covered PC gaming chairs than they are with PU Leather. If you are a little bit of a messy eater and you do like to have a little bit of pizza while you play, you may want to avoid fabric gaming chairs because they can be a little trickier to clean. With that being said though, there are certainly easier ways to clean them, such as getting special fabric cleaners.

Best Mesh Gaming Chair

Mesh gaming chairs are one of the best options to have. Here is why:

Gaming chairs can be made of leather or other thick upholstery, but that can get hot and sticky.

What are Mesh Gaming Chairs?

Since mesh has an interwoven design, it offers some benefits that other materials do not.

First, it can allow more airflow to keep you comfortable during a long gaming session. It can also mold to the contours of your body to keep you secure and relaxed.

Finally, the interwoven strands support each other for strength and durability. Because of this, mesh is much less likely to tear than leather or other upholstery materials.

A gaming chair should be comfortable and relaxing. It also needs to have features that can give you an immersive gaming experience and keep you competitive during long games.


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