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Plastic Balls manufacturers Full-time Job

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Our Polyacetal Balls are one of the most widely used grinding originals in manufacturing, they are often paired with gears, fasteners, locking systems and more, and are used as high performance engineering components in electronics and automotive applications. They are easy to machine and may be the perfect choice if you are afraid of complex machining procedures. They are also very strong and heat resistant and can operate at high speeds for long periods of time in high temperature environments without easily deforming, and they have excellent elasticity and are very tough.
1. Our Polyacetal Balls (POM balls) were developed as a plastic ball with alternative properties to metal. They are not only strong, have excellent heat and corrosion resistance, but also have a high elasticity that metal does not have.
2. Made from a material with high physical balance, they have a low coefficient of friction and can accommodate fast running, and are used in a wide range of tools such as bearings, rollers and valves.
3. They also have the advantage of being less costly and lighter in weight than metal balls, saving you money and making them easier to transport.
Size range1 (0.4") mm up to 50.8 mm (2")
MaterialPolyacetal (ACETAL RESIN-POM)
GradesG0-G3 (卤0.01-0.05mm)
DensityAround 1.42 g/cm3

Wear resistance0.37 kgf/cm2
Wear absorption0.22% - 0.25%
Weakacid resistanceYes
Strongacid resistanceLow
Alkali resistanceYes
Organic solution resistanceYes

Bearings, rollers, valves, electronic apparatus etc.Plastic Balls manufacturers
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