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Vegetable Capsules suppliers Full-time Job

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Empty Capsule
SizeCapsule Size0000001234
Empty Capsule Volume CapacityCapacity1.370.920.680.50.370.270.2
Empty Capsule Weight Capacity by Powder Density0.6 g/ml822550408300220162120
0.8 g/ml1096720544384288216160
1.0 g/ml1370900680480360270200
1.2 g/ml16441080816576432324240
Empty Capsule WeightAverage  Weight
Empty Capsule Overall Closed LengthMillimeter (mm)26.123.421.619.417.615.714.3
Empty Capsule Individual Lengths (Cap)Cap (mm)12.9511.810.859.858.887.2
Empty Capsule Individual Lengths (Body)Body (mm)22.220.2218.3516.415.1513.4512.1
Body (inches)0.8790.7960.7220.6450.5960.5290.476
Empty Capsule External DiameterCap (mm)9.918.567.646.966.395.855.33
Body (mm)9.558.237.356.636.125.65.08
The concept of pure biological fermentation can improve digestion and absorption.
There is no risk of cross-linking reaction, no interaction and high stability. As empty veggie capsule belongs to corn bio-fermentation, there is no risk of cross-linking reaction of proteins in gelatin.
Uniform  standard and good compatibility: empty veggie capsule is applicable to the national pharmacopoeia standard, and its shape, size, appearance and filling method are equal to those of gelatin hollow capsules, without replacing equipment and parts.
Empty veggie capsule is Non-animal origin, no potential risk of growth hormone or drugs left in animals.
Empty veggie capsule is different from the traditional gelatin hollow capsule, which has the technical advantages and characteristics that the traditional gelatin hollow capsule does not have besides the advantages of biological fermentation concept. With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of self-care and the development of vegetarianism, the harm of mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease to human health and the influence of religious factors are eliminated, and the oxygen barrier is good to cover up the unpleasant smell of contents.

1. We have our own size, can we customize it?
Yes.We support OEM/ODM, send your drawing and we can custom your size.
2. What is the freight to our country?
We will quote you at competitiveness prices, save as much money as you can.
3.What is your minimumorder(MOQ)?
At least 1000pcs. We support wholesale and customized.
4. How about the after service ?
We sign a quality assurance agreement, make sure that your money is in safe.
5.Can we just customize the capsule?
Yes,you can.Just give us your capsule size and we will give you a quotation.
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